Doodlecast For Kids

Doodlecast for Kids

Here is the perfect app for children who do not know how to get started with drawing.  As I discussed in my opening to iPads for Autism this app  lets you paint and not get dirty.  It also answers the “WH” questions because there are 11 pre-made pictures and a blank.  The pre-made pictures include a hat, the street, eyes, a dinner plate , a cart, the sky etc.  You can also insert word blurbs such as cold, sad, happy, messy and more which allows you to ask the child how they are feeling.

If the child is verbal or has a few words while he/she is drawing their voice can be recorded to explain what is going on in their picture making it a great Speech Therapy activity.  If you are allowed to put your students work on YouTube you can set up and account and have an art show

Doodlecast for Kids by zinc Roe, $2.99 allows students to be creative, play with colors without getting dirty and as the teacher see how the child understands the concrete themes given.  Once the child feels comfortable they may want to try the blank option and whether it is making simple lines or circles, it is an opportunity to be creative.  If the child likes to hum they can while they are drawing.

In the class you can make a private movie and show the other students what each child did modeling their work and what it means to be proud.

This app was always a hit in my class.  Some students like the blank board to write the alphabet or numbers and say them as they were drawing.  They liked having the different colors and the crayons not breaking.

We used this app in Language arts for Creative Writing as it fit the need of the whole group.