First, Then Visual


First=>Then by Good Karma Apps $9.99.  Autistic children like to know when and where they are going .  This app is perfect for Kindergarten- Grade 8 or higher based upon the child developmental level.  First=> Then is extremely versatile allowing you to insert pictures and audio. You can display the app in a full mode. split mode, or a list mode.  If you have an iPad 2 or greater you can take your own pictures to develop a familiar picture library.  The difference between the different modes is how do you want to present your child’s daily schedule.  A Full Mode gives you a large picture and lets you swipe to the the left for the next action. A Split Mode is a progressive list picture with an arrow that points down showing the student what comes next, Finally, the list mode is appropriate for older students who may want to carry their schedule on an iTouch or iPhone that just presents a list for the student.

As a high school teacher I would change students visual schedules when I knew the school schedule was changing for the day making it less stressful for my students.  Instead of asking a lot of questions I told them to look and listen to their schedules.  If they still had questions they I could ask  and we could adjust their schedule together. The app is very user friendly.  You can make a variety of schedules for different classes as well as the transitions with your voice or with the students voice with older students making them a part of the process.  The app is preloaded with stock images. If you do not have an image add images from your own library or Google Images. It sounds like a lot  of work when you first begin but once you have all of the pictures in a student’s library you will use them quite often for a variety of apps. Look at it as making an investment. Remember to back up your iPad.  If you are iPad “savvy” back up over the Cloud, if not just plug in and back up onto your computer.  Do what you are comfortable with.  For many people this is a whole new world and rather than alienating yourself ask me questions and never feel embarrassed.  It’s more important that you have taken the opportunity to learn something that might help your child.  Once you get started you will see how gratifying the whole process truly is!  Nothing is greater than seeing a student or your child being independent for the first time!

Just a side not with this app if you want you child to follow a routine at home you can do the same  set up as school- from washing up, putting laundry away, taking out clothes for the next day, etc.

iPad tip- if you want to delete most items on the iPad take your finger and swipe from left to right and a RED DELETE will appear just hit the delete and it will be deleted.  This is common on most iPad apps.