Does your child have difficulty answering “WH” questions?  Welcome to Questionit! I have been following Questionit by LanguageLearningApps, LLC, $24.99 since it came out. Please note there is a lite version to try .  It has been one app that truly works on “WH” skills. It also  tracks individual students if you are a therapist and need data for IEP or parent records.  It is also a way to help therapists show progress or where the child still needs help.  Those of you who need to collect data will love this component.  The app is broken down into 4 categories- Sort,  Sentence, Advanced Sentence, and Paragraph. Within each category there are additional categories from color coding, borderline color-coding and no color. Each of the categories have audio for students to hear the “WH” question.  This is one goal on so many IEP ‘s for all ages for both Autistic students and those on the spectrum.  It is a perfect app to use for a social skills class or to model a lesson.   Who because we need to know answers who questions such as who are you, who is coming over, who is the new student in the class?  Next we need to know “what” or “what doing” for example brushing you teeth is a what doing question- it is shows an action of something you are doing.  We do a lot of what doing in our day, such as going to lunch, going on the school bus,etc. Students need to understand the action in our day.  We also have “when”- time and “where” place.  If we are able to have students understand the difference first through activities such as Questionit we can begin to guide students in Life Skill activities such as “What would like for dinner”, “When are we going out”, What time should I the my friend to come over?”. These are skills we want all of our children to ask.  It takes practice and repetition, but it can be done especially with a therapist or teacher tracking where the student is having difficulty.

When asked how old should the child be when using this app I usually say high functioning second grade through high school.  Try the lite edition with your kids first to see if it works with you class.  It was a hit with my students who are classifed Developmentally Disabled– we had Autistic, Neurologically Impaired, Aphasic, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and more- I would have my more verbal students model for my non-verbal students. We also role played when a student was non-verbal. I highly recommend this app to increase and expand “WH” questions.  It is one skill we all need for everything we do!