The Abc’s and Letter Sounds


Before we can write letters, we doodle, next we begin to learn letter form and words that begin with the letter .  Those children who struggle physically with holding the pen or crossing the midline may struggle when writing more than a single word.  The iPad offers children a variety of writing tools to help children follow patterns  and then move to paper.  Schools that are planning to go green can use more extensive writing apps to write short stories and book reports that are all mandated by the Common Core Standards. The best part of these apps are its creative capabilities from making the mundane writing  process not only fun, but accomplishes the task with an way to add photos from Google Images or your own photo album..  Write My Name ,by Injini, $3.99 is is the one app that really practices writing your name and any simple CVC words while recording the child’s or teacher’s voice- it is an ALL time favorite. How great is an app when it allows  the child to introduce themselves on the first day if school. It includes the ability for you to a picture of the the students and make a seating chart.  Does you child or student need the physical help when writing their name! .  For those students who need the physical help learning how to hold the pencil and which way the pencil goes when making a curves in the letter S then try  iWriteWords  by gdiplus it has a free and a full version at $2.99.It gives step by step step direction where the “stylus:” ( a pen/pencil for the iPad) should go until you complete the letter. Finally, there is the app Letter Quiz  that reinforces letters using flashcards, using handwriting, matching upper and lower case letters.  There is a free or a paid version.  The paid version is $1.99.

Each version moves the child up a level. Depending on the needs of your your child they may need a combination of Write My Name and IWriteWords to combine the shapes the shapes of the letters.  Encourage your child that this is fun and not to punish.  Some names are more difficult than others.  You may wan to use a nick-name in the beginning to reduce frustration. I promise you in the word of one of my students after using these apps and had disliked writing she said ” I like writing and writing likes me!”