Abilipad by Cheryl Bregman

Abilipad  $19.99 is not your ordinary keyboarding app.  With that being said you need to be patient because it offers so many IMG_0038possibilities for the person you are working with.  You design the keyboard from the colors to the size to how many letters you want on the keyboard.

Let’s say you have a child who simply needs to type their first and last name because it is their IEP (Individual Education Goal). You simply go to Keyboards- open a new one- insert a letter in the bland box where you want the letter,  the letters are too small go to the middle row and find the A key it will make the letter bigger or smaller,  if you do not like the font go to the middle row and hit the F key. If you want to record use the microphone and add photos using the button next to the microphone.  Once you want to practice using the keyboard you designed simply go to  Notepads, next go to the Settings wheel, pull up the  keyboards and choose  the keyboard you just made.  If you want to hear it speak there is a small chat bubble in the upper right corner that you turn on in your preferences. It is the AAC component of the app.  The app can get much more detailed just like a traditional AAC app or as simple as  word prediction app that will speak what you have written making it extremely versatile for a variety of students with varying disabilities.  The key is understanding how to best use it for the child.

If you are looking for an app to organize a child who has visual motor issues this is the perfect app as you can contrast the colors, the size of the letters and use audio.  If the child is Dyslexic he/she can hear the letters being stated to help clarify spelling, and tense. The student can play back what they have written to edit their work.

Here is an app that helps create independence for middle school students and a higher level augmentative/alternative communication device for high school students who want to try to use a higher level of thinking or begin to use the keyboard by simply writing their name.

This is one of the top apps for all students with disabilities as it meets a key need- ORGANIZATION and writing both criteria for IEP goals and the Common Core Standards.